Monday, 23 May 2011

Report on subjects numbers 1017 and 1046, completed:

Name: Joel Sydney Harper 
ID: 1017
Sex: Male
Age: 21
Location: Unknown. (Presumed UK. Probably close to Lucas.)
Occupation: University student (Biology.)
Notes: Currently on the run, poses a minor threat to myself and my work. Some level of combat training, nothing I cannot handle. However he has interrupted an attack on another runner, Subject 533, and defended him from one of your other proxies. That subject has now been executed though, and thus can not provide back up to him. I am not certain as to his feelings toward Lucas, more time is required to understand. Not much else is known.
Reccomendation: Depending on his susceptibility: Execution or Hallowing at my Master's pleasure.

Name: Lucas Gerard Piper
ID: 1046
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Location: Confirmed. UK.
Occupation: College student. (Biology, Chemistry, Physics.)
Notes: Unbelieving, Stationary, subject is resistant to admitting the paranormal, despite his own faith in god. He is also currently sick, possibly due to your presence, possibly due to normal illness. Intimately involved with Joel. EDIT: He is recovering, so it is normal illness.
Recommendation: Utilise as bait to bring Joel Harper into the open. As for afterwards, I would like him, I've been enjoying toying with him. If I may not, then I recommend execution. If he loses his mate he could pose more of a major threat to myself.

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