Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Well here we are again Joel.

Hello again Joel.
I see you have made friends
So cute!

It's like that when you were born, 
your father smashed your head on the floor twenty or so times 
to see if you bounce.
No wait, you don't have a father.

You know the plan. 
You always know the plan.
The same as I did with Lucas.
You make friends.
I break them.

Master punished me for letting you get out of the country.
He hurt me.
Made me bleed because of you.
Then he sent me after you.

I'm Stronger than you.
I'm Faster than you.
I'm better than you.

Because regardless of any servant of his who says otherwise.
About what we are.
We are his predators.
You are our prey.

So sleep, knowing I will be right behind you.
That I will tear out your lover's throat like I did with Keith.
And I will make you watch.

We live to serve the Master.


  1. Don't you DARE talk about Keith, motherfucker! He was a good guy, a fucking kid!

    You are NOT going to touch any one, if you do then you are dead. You hear me? Fucking dead!


  2. Fuck. You. Just turn tail and go home, you sick fucking asshole.
    You're going to leave them alone. I don't fucking care what 'master' does to you because you disobey, you'll leave them right the fuck alone.
    Because if you hurt one hair on their heads, I'll make it my mission in life that you suffer far worse at my hands than you ever did at his.
    Stay the fuck away from my house.

  3. Ah, Joel. All I have to say is Keith's name and I get such anger! Completely unfounded. It wasn't like he was screaming for me to stop when I bit him open.

    And Elaine: Hah! If I were you, I would be keeping an eye out for myself. You're just as easy to kill as any of the boys.

  4. Puppy, clearly you don't know the first thing about me if you think that's the case. Cute, though. Points for style. I'm clearly shaking in my boots.

  5. If you're not then you're as stupid as Joel, dear Elaine...

  6. OoooOOOOOoh spooky! You can write shitty poetry on your blog all ya want, Wolfie, it ain't going to save you when the hammer comes down.